Thursday, 8 January 2015

BlackVue Dash Camera Install

I had this dash cam installed in my A4 and I wanted to use it again in the A8.
With the A8 having a lot more electronics in the roof lining, I thought there would be a nice option in the heads up controls.

And I was right.

There was a unused 4 pin plug. I think this is intended to be used for some camera. Going by the information I found on the net.
It works great. Its ignition feed and generally perfect for this.

Used the proper Audi Plug and cables, then connected them to a random mobile phone charging cable I had which fitted the Camera. Wired it all together.

Put it all back together and it ended up like this.

All in and working.
I forget its there most of the time.

Camera was supplied by the lads at Avanced In-Car

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