Friday, 21 December 2012

Double Din Dash Bodge

I recently bought a stupid cheap double din unit for my B5.
It had one slight issue, the dash surround was broken.

I knew this before I bought it and I can buy another one and still make a saving over any other complete unit.
While I wait for my old dash to sell, I thought I might as well bodge this one together and coat it in plasti dip. 

The bodge. What I should of done is filled the wholes in but for some reason I never thought it until I started spraying.

Dip time.

Mid dip

Also did the section around the hand brake. 


You Can still see the bodge. I should have filled the holes, sanded and made it look a bit better really, even if its only going to be in the car for a 2-3 weeks but I got impatient and wanted to dip.

With about 4-6 coats it came out very well I thought and the dip kept the orignal pattern of the plastic.

Hopefully going to fit it all this weekend along with a new evaporator and double din stereo. If the fitting kit turns up.

My Adventure In Plasti Dip

I thought I'd share my adventures in Plasti Dip.

It started off small, little 400ml spray tin and I did my engine caps.

Gave them a good scrubbed with APC, rinse off with water and let them dry in the sun.After a couple of minutes I started to spray them.I did several light coats until they looked even and dark.Moved them in the house for 24 hours to full dry and then fitted them to the car.

I also did my dip stick since it stuck out a bit.

That's it, I got the bug. I then walked around the car finding out what else I can dip.My attention went to black and rubbering items on the car. Window rubbers and wipers.

Same process as the caps but with out the ability to remove them from the car easily and move in to a my spray booth (a cardboard box). I left them on the car and tapped up the windows and body to stop over spray.

After a clean, rinse, dry, spray, remove over spray and tape. They was done.

That's it, I love this stuff. I'm off to buy a spray gun and 5 litres of the stuff and go mental.And that's that I did.

I don't like randomly spraying items just for tests, I like it to have a reason for it to be painted.That way I'm not wasting money, time or dip on pointless dipping. But I found one and it was the girl friends 206 GTI.Someone colour coded the rub strips but did a really bad job and it started to come off.To save money and give me some practise I decided to dip them.

I removed all the side trims. Sanded them down cause they was starting to flake. Made them smooth, cleaned with APC again and set about painting.

All the trims removed and sprayed.

Not a bad finished but it did not help that it started to rain.

Now it was time to do the car.

I left about a 2 inch gap between the bit I wanted to paint and the new paper. Its better doing it this way then trying to mask a good, neat line between the strip and the bumper. The dip will not bridge the gap, so you get a perfect line on the trim and once its dry you can peel the over spray dip off, quick clean the surrounding area and you're finished.

The bit I always enjoyed. The peel.

With the pug done and some nice weather for an afternoon I thought it be rude not to do something else.

So I did my grill

and my roof.

Close up

Now I'm sat here wondering what else I can do.

RNS-d Firmware Update

Thought i'd do a brief thread on how to update your firmware on your RNS-d unit.

1, Download the firmware here (I will try and keep a copy of this program on my harddrive, just in case that link breaks.)

2, Burn the files to a CD, close session and slowish. I burnt mine at 16x and it worked.

3, Make sure the unit is off. Press and hold the 'Navigation' Button and the 'Flag' Button while turning the unit on. Keep these pressed until you see the below screen.

4, Eject the Navigation CD and insert the firmware update CD.

5, Move the selection to 'Start Control Unit' and you should see 'Current Software' and 'CD Software'. Like in the pic.

6, If the CD software is newer than the current software, press the right knob in to start. You should see the below image.

7, The will complete the installation and restart. It will then start updating the graphics.

8, It will complete, restart and say it was successful. Take the firmware CD out and insert your Navigation CD. 

9, wait a couple of minutes for it to update and do the final stages. My languide went to german or something. If you go to Navigation, press mode, you will be able to change it.

Hopefully that works for everyone else the same way it did with me. 
I started the update and then went for a long drive, to make sure it never ran the battery flat mid update.

Here's a video on how to check your software version.