Monday, 20 February 2012

Boot Build False Floor

My mate had the Skoda version in his Octavia and I thought it was brilliant.
So I nicked it and built my own.

First, take 1 Audi A4 Avant.

Second, take some wood and throw it in the back of the the avant.

Third, arrange the wood in to some form of order.

Forth, Cut some more wood to help strengthen it and arrange that wood as well.

Fifth, Lay the lid and check for sizes.

Sixth, check lid for hinge location and rotation.

Seventh, Place trim on top to check for colour and size.

Eighth, Load foam and film.

I need to cover it in the carpet, trim the foam and add the finishing touches.
Handles, load hooks and the bits that goes in the foam.


I covered the lid this week but ran out of trim.
I need to find some more but I'm having issues finding the same colour and thickness. 


Its slowly nearing completion.
Over the weekend I added the foam to store my tools, spare bulbs, first aid kit and other items that I might need or is at least useful to carry.


Heres a couple more images.

The gab is needed to stop the lid from sitting to high.
My fault, I never took the thickness of the carpet in to my measurements. 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Wrapping good time.

Been toying with the idea of removing the wood trim for something else.
I never wanted to paint it and did not like the idea of buying new trim in a different colour.
After talking to a friend about it, he mentioned vinyl wrap.
He sent me a sample to do some trims and I was impressed with how easy it was to use and how much I enjoyed it.

After deciding on Matt for the colour I bought my self a roll and set about wrapping my wood trim in to matt. I did all of the the wood apart from the main dash unit. It was a pain to remove cause the centre console was in the way. I'm removing the dash in a couple of months, so I'll finish it off then.

Front door.
Drivers side trim.
Passenger doors.
Centre console and the bit around the gear selector.
Drivers door and the little bit of dash trim.