Saturday, 10 December 2011

Shark Fin Aerial

With the main part of my aerial gone I start looking at other alternatives and one of them was trying to find a OEM looking Shark fin aerial.
I found a Polo Shark fin one on ebay at a good price. It was worth a go for the price, couple of days later the aerial turned up and I set about fitting it.

The only issue was the plug on the aerial end. Its the same as the one coming from the stereo.
I simple cut the ends off and wired them together. Sorted. As for radio quality, its ok. I don't listen to the radio and not really bothered by the quality but I pick up all the national and local stations.

Pop the cap off and Remove the nut

Top from the car. Bottom From the aerial. Cut ends off and rejoin.

The Finished aerial

Much better.

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