Saturday, 10 December 2011

Rear Blind Part 3

Rear Blind Part 1 and Part 2

Not much happening in here recently and I'm sorry. I've not done much cause I've trying to sort all the Christmas stuff out before its to late but now that is done I can get back to doing things to the car.

Fist thing I've done is finally finish off my rear blind.

I bought a Omega rear blind relay, Audi A4 B6 rear blind switch.
Did a quick test wire up to make sure I got the cables correct and that all components would work together.
Quick video of the test.

Happy with that I set about wiring the blind in.
Since I don't have a rear wiper I used the live feed for that motor and ran a single switch cable to the front. 
That was easy, no issues but I do have a small issue with my choice of switch.
It sticks out to much and is at the wrong angle. 
Here is some images that would explain it better.
As you can see its a slightly different.

A little bit different.
Its not to bad but its enough for me to not like it. I'm on the look for another switch, possibly a A6 (C5) or I might just use the FUNK switch you can get. With this one in and working I'm in not massive rush and I can take my time over it and get the right switch. 

What matters is the fact that's it in and working. I need to drop the car off to a mate and get the tail gate re-trimmed.

Here is a video of it from the drivers seat.

I Hope you enjoyed this little project.

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