Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bluetooth Keyboard

I recently rebuilt an old laptop as a media system for the front room.
Installed Ubuntu, connected to the network, connected to TV, copied over all the music, movies and TV series.

I original used my phone to control the laptop cause I never liked the idea cables all over the front room, so I went looking around Amazon for a reasonable priced wireless keyboard with touch pad for the mouse.

After a little bit of searching I came across of this Bluetooth Wireless Rii Mini PC keyboard. Just what I was looking for and with an added bonus that the keys light up.

Connected it to the laptop with the supplied blue tooth dongle and it works a treat.
Not much to say, it works like a keyboard and mouse.

Its a blue tooth keyboard, my Touchpad has blue tooth, I wonder if it will work. I tested it and it does.
Sorted. If I ever need to type a long email or word document on my Touchpad I can use my bluetooth keyboard or any bluetooth keyboard.

So, if you want a mini bluetooth keyboard with mouse, I recommend the above.
If you own a touchpad and want a keyboard but not sure if any bluetooth keyboard will fit, well it does. Now you know.

I'm off to finish off fitting heated seat pads to my seats.

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