Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Project Blind. Part 1

I got a habit of having multiple projects/ideas going at the same time or have nothing happening at all.
I really need to learn to start one project, complete it and then move on the next one but that's just not me. Mainly cause 1 project gets put on hold while waiting for parts, the weather, money or expert help, so I move on to another one to keep me entertained.

This project is no different. I started cluster swap project  about a week go and its now on hold. Mainly cause I'm waiting for a VAG commander cable so I can program the immobilizer in the new cluster to my current keys. Once that turns up I can finish it off.

Now I started this project. I'm not sure I'll be able to finish this one but I hope I can.
I might need to enlist the help of expert to re-trim my boot lid cause I can't do plastic work or carpet but that will be later. I need to get the blind mounted and working first, then I can make it look pretty.
I'll update this as and when I can but the only thing I got to put at the moment is the video of the blind.
Bought a spare boot trim last week for this and did a slight test fit of the blind in the trim and it just about fits. bit tight but it should be ok. Just need to make sure I can bolt it to the boot lid at the correct angle.

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