Tuesday, 18 October 2011

HP touchpad webOS update 3.0.477

A little bit different from my normal car related posts but its a gadget and I like it.

About a month ago I bought a HP Touchpad in the fire sale and been playing about with it and I love it. I was reading Ari Jaaksi's Blog and he posted up about a webOS update.
I turned my hotspot on on my Android phone, connected my tablet and there it was. A shiny new 53meg update. Currently downloading it. I'll report back when I've had time to play with it.

If you are after a tablet and can't or don't want to spend £400+ on a Motorola, Samsung or a iPad. I'd recommend a HP touchpad.

HP Touchpad 16GB Black
HP Touchpad 32GB Black
HP Touchpad 64GB Black

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