Thursday, 20 October 2011

HP Touchpad

Just some ramblings about my experience with the HP TouchPad.

I bought my TouchPad in the fire sale along with many other people.
At first I really wanted the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 after having play with one. Thought it was amazing, the size, the quality, the weight and I'm a massive fan of Android  (not Fan Boy level).

I looked in to the TouchPad when I first heard about it and was impressed with the spec and looks but the lack of Android  was off putting. I've had an Android  based phone since the Hero was released, every phone after that has been Android  and my life in one way or another is on Android/Google.
I say my life and it is in a way but my life carries’ on without my phone. When my HTC Desire HD broke I sent it away to HTC, 2 months later, several phone calls, emails and nothing happen. I made a Facebook group and they started to take me a bit more seriously (Link to group).
I'm digressing, I should be talking about the TouchPad not my issues with HTC.

Ok, back to the TouchPad.
I was happy with the spec (Spec) but I was unsure on this WebOS that was running on it. I've never seen it, used it and have no idea about it. But at the time I was willing to spend £400+ on a Samsung, then the TouchPad’s price was reduced to about £100 I thought brilliant, Ii’ll give that ago and  I got £300 left over from my budget that I can spend that on my car. That was the idea but it went on the misses Peugeot 206 GTI to fix the rear axle.

Before I carry on with this, I don't want this to be some typical review. There’s allot of them on the net. This is just going to be my ramblings about it and I do tend to ramble on and go off on a tangent about random things. I am sorry about that but I just type what I think.

Ok back to the TouchPad again.

Out of the box and first impressions are good. Its sleek, nice to hold and a massive finger print magnet. OMG, if you get OCD over finger prints on screens or any surfaces get a case or them special gloves (Touchscreen-compatible gloves). I spent the first couple of minutes contently cleaning it then I got annoyed and shoved it in a case and forgot about the finger prints. About the same time as me getting the TouchPad the company mobile phones was change/upgraded to Palm Pre 2.
One item the TouchPad should have come with the backing. The Palm Pre backing is a soft rubbery sort of material that does not show up finger prints as much. Where the TouchPad’s piano black finger magnet surface is nice looking but holding it and covering it in finger prints is a bit of a pain.
The other thing they should have copied from the Palm Pre is the middle button. On the Palm Pre it’s a soft touch (is that the name) button which you can swipe over and or press. It’s more than just a button. The TouchPad’s button looks like the same but it’s not. It’s just a home button with a light in it that does not feel very well made. Bit poor I think.

There is not much else I can moan about with the body of the TouchPad, apart from the obvious lack of expandable media and USB input but saying that, there is a blog/post (I'll dig it out and add the link here) saying the Micro USB on the TouchPad can be used to plug in external HDD and such but there is a lack of power, so you will need to power it yourself.

The software side of WebOS is a bit different. The lack of options is a big negative for me. Used to Android where you change almost anything but on this you lack even the basic of options.
Even things like Copy and Paste menu is lacking. It’s when an app is loading but once it’s loaded its missing. The long press to bring up the copy and paste menu is pain, it does not all ways come up when you want it to.
The lack of arrows its really annoying  when you're trying to edit text. It be ok if our fingers was the size of pencils sharpened down to a fin point but they are not. I WANT ARROWS!!
Ok arrows are my main annoyance with the OS, Oh and the web browser.
It loads about 85% and then sits there and then pop, it’s all loaded.
It’s also slow to load pages as you scroll. It’s like the page is loaded but not willing to display it until you're on that section of the page.
I really like the swiping to close, remove and delete items.
The lack of network browsing is really annoying, I like copying films, series, files over the network to my phone, laptop and I’d like to do it with the TouchPad but I can't cause the stupid thing wont browse. Ok I could do it via FTP apps but that’s not really an answer when everything else can do it like windows/Android .

Some of the bits it does I really like and it does them well but its lacking some of the basic features that Android , Windows CE/7 and apple has and its annoying.
Hopefully it will still be updated and improved on cause I really like.
With cyanogenmod for the TouchPad at Alpha release and other Devs making Android  for the TouchPad, There might not be any need for WebOS.
Time will tell on this one. I will keep using it cause it does what I want to do well….Apart from surfing the internet which it really frustrating at times.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. :)

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