Wednesday, 12 October 2011

First post on my blog

Well here it is.
My first post on my first blog about the work I do/done to my car/s and the tech I like playing with.
Granted this might end up being mainly about cars with the odd post about tech but we will see what happens as time goes on.

I do allot of adding, cleaning and bits to my cars in the past and its the same for my current car.
It gives me a seance of calm and compliments for doing it. I'm not a big drinker or party going, sitting in a pool of oil or surround by miles of cables is where I feel more at home and happy.

This will blog will be short and sweet, no long massive posts. just a brief write up of what I done, why I did it and how.

As I'm writing this I'm slowly getting pictures and my memories in order to post up the bits I've done to my current and past cars. Some of the mods are unique and some are just boring.
Any way, I'm done here.
enjoy my bog and I'll try and keep it up to date and interesting the best I can.

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