Monday, 17 October 2011

Audi B5 Heater Fan

With the car approaching 14 years of age some things are starting to ware out.
The fan brushes is on of them. The fan sometimes start, stops or just running slow. If the fan does stop working, its worth checking the brushes.

Its easy to access but bit of a pain to remove and not to bad to replace the brushes if you're ok with a soldering, all though it can be a bit dirty.
I bought the new brushes from Ebay.

Remove the glove box, unbolt some metal work from under the air bag, unplug the fan motor, twist the housing and pull with a bit of wiggle and it will come free.

Dash removed.

Metal bits removed from bottom of airbag to help gain access to ran motor.

Fan removed.

One fan unit.

Old brushes removed.

Old Vs New

New brushes fitted. Refit and enjoy your motor working again

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