Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Android On TouchPad Update

Bit of a update from the Android On HP TouchPad post I did two days ago.

I've got back to WebOS.

I really like Android but its still a bit buggy and seems to be lacking the options that I'm use to from Android.
I think most of the issues or bits I don't like about this is down to the fact its built on android v2.3 (Gingerbread) not V3 (Honeycomb) or V4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), some of my most used apps tend to crash or not fit on this size of scree and I'm missing my widgets as well.
Some of theses faults/issues/complaints could be down to version, its a Alpha release or that its all been cut about to fit/work on the touchpad.

It will get better in time and I think it will be amazing when/if they use Ice Cream Sandwich but for now I'm going to stick with WebOS. I really like WebOS and wish and hope HP keeps it going in some way.
It works well and does a lot of things really nicely. It seems a lot smoother than android and I love the swiping on it.

Time will tell but I'll be keeping an eye on it and see what happens in the future with WebOS and Android.

There is also talk of windows 8 on the touchpad. That's one OS I won't be trying out.

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