Thursday, 8 January 2015

Big Brake Upgrade

A mate was selling a was selling a set of 360mm brakes for a A8 and thought it would be rude not to take this cheap upgrade.

Popped down to his work shop and set about getting the brakes fitted.
parked it behind his W12L

360mm vs 323mm

360mm fitted and behind 18" wheels. They look even smaller now.

Looking good and feeling better.
Next is larger rear brakes as they look silly when compared to the fronts.

BlackVue Dash Camera Install

I had this dash cam installed in my A4 and I wanted to use it again in the A8.
With the A8 having a lot more electronics in the roof lining, I thought there would be a nice option in the heads up controls.

And I was right.

There was a unused 4 pin plug. I think this is intended to be used for some camera. Going by the information I found on the net.
It works great. Its ignition feed and generally perfect for this.

Used the proper Audi Plug and cables, then connected them to a random mobile phone charging cable I had which fitted the Camera. Wired it all together.

Put it all back together and it ended up like this.

All in and working.
I forget its there most of the time.

Camera was supplied by the lads at Avanced In-Car

Thursday, 10 July 2014

LED upgrade

One of the first mods I did to the A8 was replace the old yellow incandescent bulbs for something a little bit more modern and bright.

I popped the lads a email at EM Tuning as they helped me out with all my LEDs for the A4 and they promptly sent me this little lot.

Stripped the lights units from the car. 

I kind of stopped taking pictures from there on but you'll have to trust me when I say I put it all back together and it works a treat. 
A nice bright white light in the cabin, doors and boot but not to bright to be overwhelming. 

I'm currently trying to work out a plug and play system for the DRLs to remove them and stop the DIS from erroring.
I'll update the blog when I've done that. 

An Update

Its been almost a year since my last post in this blog, a lot has happened in that time and that's my excuse for not updating it more.

Between the time of the last post and this post I've bought a new house got married and bought myself a new car.

Since this blog is mainly about cars I will be focusing on the more than the others.

On to the car.

The old faithfully family friend A4 B5 decided to kill the gear box.
With the new house, wedding approaching and the on going talk about kids, we thought it was time to upgrade to something newer and bigger.

So I broke the B5 and bought my a A8 D3 3.0TDI.
It has more buttons and options than I can shake a stick at which is one of the reasons why I got it.
With the house and future kids taking up my time and money I can't afford to keep doing bolt on mods all the time, so I got a A8 with as many options as my budget would allow.

Off the top of my head it has the following options:
Electric rear blinds.
Quad Zone Climate control.
TV tuner.
Phone prep.
Voice control.
Twin pane glass.
Aux Heater.
Graphical PDC.
Ally pack but not the fully ally pack.
Front memory seats.
Sun Roof.
Soft close.
Electric rear boot.
Removable towbar.

There might some more but that's all I can remember at the moment.

On to the pics.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Auto Dimming Mirror

Looking through eBay and came across a Auto dimming mirror cheap.
Thought it be rude to pass it, so bought it and fitted it. 
I ran 2 extra cables for the auto dimming side mirrors. I hope to wire them up soon as I can find some or have a spare £600 to buy the glass. I doubt I'd have the spare £600, so i'll keep an eye for some cheaper ones.

Normal Standard Mirror. 
No Mirror and all cleaned up.
New Mirror fitted and cables slowly getting ran. 
All wired up and fitted nicely. 

New Lower Door Trims

If you, a friend or family member have ever owned a A4 B5 with original door mouldings on, you would know about the metal strip inside rusting and then the whole unit falling off.

This happened to me so off to eBay I go and buy a set of genuine ones with the new plastic internals.

This is the set I bought.
Great delivery, turned up with in 2 days and came with some spare clips, 4 new screws and 4 new door blades.

Before with the drivers side missing.
All removed and cleaned.
New ones all fitted.